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Marketers are encouraged to learn to understand and embrace Generation Z. This generation is socially conscious, progressive, ambitious and engaged. Their entire lives they have had access to the Internet and an abundance of technology. While they may not currently be your target audience, by the year 2020 they will account for almost half of all consumers. Therefore, it is vital to connect with this generation and build relationships that will last.

They Crave Honesty and Authenticity

While relatability is important to form a connection with Generation Z, attempts to look trendy will come off as fake and unauthentic when you try too hard. These youngsters act like adults and that is the way they want to be treated.

Instead of focusing on current verbiage, marketers need to pay attention to viral trends. Look for a fun and unique way to incorporate such trends into your marketing campaign to forge a connection.

Authenticity, transparency and honesty are traits that must be implemented at the core. In order to apply these three important traits, a connection must be made on their own terms. You must be willing to not only capture their attention, but also provide value to your interactions with Generation Z.

Reconsideration of Social Media

The influence of social media on Generation Z is unprecedented. For many years, relationships, health and financial success have been key to happiness. However, for this generation, social media directly affects their happiness. In order to connect with them through this platform, you must find a way to make them feel heroic.

Substantiate the Impact

In many ways, this generation feels they have been living in a corrupt world. They have seen war, recession and terrorism as being a part of everyday life. They are concerned for the future, but prepared to act.

This generation wants jobs that impact the world. In addition, they want to purchase products that impact the environment and society. They want brands that make an impact and can prove it.

Generation Z wants products that are aligned with causes that they feel are important. Give them tools that make them believe they are making the world better. Establish innovative marketing campaigns that add value without a self-centered appearance.

Visual Leverage

The average consumer of this generation will see hundreds of thousands of advertisements before reaching the age of 15. Naturally, they know how to determine the things that matter. Therefore, the goal should be to create comfortable content to make a connection with Generation Z effectively and quickly.

Many brands have discovered that one of the best ways to accomplish such a feat is through the use of GIFs. These work because everyone relates to them. A GIF is brief and aligns perfectly with their filter for making decisions.

Assist with the Building of Their Brand

Generation Z has stood by and watched as millennials fought to find work after graduating from college. Therefore, they are well aware of the importance to find valuable work as soon as possible.

This generation is not satisfied with bagging groceries at the local five and dime. Instead, they are spending their time volunteering, building online ships and becoming ambassadors. They are always looking for ways to build their personal brand.

Invite them to become part of your brand as they are working on their own. Influencer campaigns, social media ambassadors and virtual focus groups make them feel as if they are invested in your brand. This will secure their loyalty as they boost their presence online.

Generation Z is a serious group of realists. They are constantly on the lookout for new solutions. As long as you pay attention to them and learn to speak their language, they will be willing to join forces with your brand.


Source by Nick James

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