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Perfectionism can be a good aim but when it comes to digital product creation it can be the one big thing that stops you from releasing your product. New buildings have snagging lists and you need the same kind of thing when you create a new digital product to make sure that everything works. But just because the sound levels are slightly off – Or there’s one too many coughs or umms and errs that you should have edited out – or any other excuse to procrastinate – doesn’t mean you can’t launch your new product.

Providing the product delivers what it promises on the sales page then it’s probably good enough to release.

If Microsoft had waited until Windows was perfect, we’d still be waiting. The same goes for Apple and all the other operating systems out there.

Henry Ford’s. The Model T wasn’t perfect but it worked well enough to release.

Walk round your supermarket and take a note of how many products are “new and improved” which implies they weren’t perfect in the first place either.

All of which means that the first step to overcoming perfectionism is to realise that your product will never be perfect.

And even if you think it is, that doesn’t mean the whole world will agree with you.

Going back to computers, there are people who’d argue that Chrome is the only “perfect” web browser. And others who would laugh in their face at the very thought.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the same goes for your new product as well.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t perform certain checks.

Indeed you should do that.

Which means for a digital product you need to check that any videos play, PDFs open and the links inside them are clickable and go through to the intended pages, basic checks like that.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours, weeks or even days deciding whether to use Arial or Verdana as your font and whether it should be 12 or 13 point size or whatever else has taken your mind of the task of actually releasing your product.

Actually it’s often our mind that is our biggest enemy.

If you take forever between completing your new digital product and almost releasing it, there’s almost certainly a lot of noisy chatter in your mind that’s holding you back.

There are whole products that help you deal with that and they’re outside the scope of this article but the gist of it is that you’re the one creating that chatter. Unless you’re speaking it out loud, no-one else can hear it!

And whilst you may not believe me, you’re in control of what’s being said.

Even if it’s taking a tone of voice that no-one in real life would dare try to get away with.

If that’s the case for you – and we all have doubts occasionally – tell the voice where to go. It’s probably safest to do that in your head unless you’re somewhre you’re sure you can’t be heard but do it anyway.

Then set yourself a deadline to get your product launched, even if it’s not totally perfect. And then stick to that deadline, telling your nagging voice to be quite and that you’ll give free upgrades for a certain amount of time to early buyers if that helps quell the noise.

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