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A word on the importance of product creation online. One of the most productive things you can do online is create new products. You must create new products to flourish online. I genuinely do not believe that you can ride on other people’s products forever. If you disagree with that because you see other people selling products that teach you how to get rich online selling other people’s products online, what have you just witnessed? You have just witnessed someone who claims they are successful with other people’s products – but they have their own product too! If they were completely satisfied with their affiliate income, I doubt they would have gone to the trouble of creating their own product. Case closed.

So, how to decide what to produce next?

1) Ask your subscribers. Here is a great question to send to your subscribers: What is your biggest challenge in your online business? Here is another one: What is the one product you need to help you online, have looked everywhere for, and simply cannot find?

I guarantee you that if you ask those two questions to your subscribers and several of them have the same answers, if you produce a product that meets those needs, they will buy it from you. It does not matter how many other products are on the market for that very same concept, if they tell you they want it and you produce it, they will buy it from you.

2) Use this technique only if you do not have a subscriber list yet. Go to the online forums that are pertinent to your niche, and ask the same two questions. If the same answer comes up repeatedly, create that product. It will sell.


Source by Sean Mize

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